Quick Answer: Do Seniors Get A Discount At Sunriver Oregon Sharc

What is a SHARC pass at Sunriver?

These one-time use guest passes allow access to pools, tennis/pickleball courts, tubing hill and disc golf (all subject to seasonal availability). They can be used for fitness access only if guest is accompanied by a SROA member with a current Member Preference ID.

Is Sunriver fitness and aquatics open?

Sunriver Aquatic Facilities Indoor aquatics are available year-round and outdoor aquatics are open seasonally. SHARC highlights include: Indoor Aquatics: Lap pool, whirlpool, hot tub and more.

Is the Sharc open?

Owned and operated by the Sunriver Owners Association, SHARC is open year round, and is available to Sunriver property owners as well as the general public.

What is the air quality in Sunriver Oregon?

What is the current air quality in Sunriver? Air pollution level Air quality index Main pollutant Good 16 US AQI PM2.5.

Where is the smoke in Bend coming from?

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Thick smoke from a wildfire on the Willamette National Forest blew into the High Desert on Monday afternoon and evening, making for “hazardous” air quality readings in Bend.

Why is Bend Smokey?

Multiple large fires in the region have been contributing to smokey conditions in the area. Smoke travels into the atmosphere from as far away as California and settles over areas along and east of the Cascade divide when air cools at night and in the morning.

Is there smoke in Sunriver Oregon?

Smoke in Sunriver? Yes! We are experiencing some smoke in the area due to the wildfires in southern Oregon.

Are fires allowed in Willamette National Forest?

Campfires are still prohibited on the entire Willamette National Forest due to very high fire danger and ongoing active fires. Portable cooking stoves and lanterns using liquefied or bottled fuel (like propane) are still allowed as they can be instantly switched off.

Is Bend Oregon in danger from fires?

Bend and its surrounding communities carry the fourth-highest risk of being affected by wildfire in Oregon, according to a recent report commissioned by the U.S. Forest Service. Prineville, Terrebonne, Tumalo and Sisters also appeared in the top 25 Oregon cities at the greatest risk of fire damage.

Where is Warm Springs fire?

The Lionshead Fire laid waste to forests on the Warm Springs reservation at the base of Mount Jefferson.

Are the wildfires near Bend Oregon?

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — The Swamp Wells Trail Fire on the Deschutes National Forest nine miles south of Bend is now 30% contained and remains at 64 acres, amid mop-up work and minimal fire activity, officials said Tuesday.

What is a red flag warning?

In short, a red flag warning means there is an increased risk of fire danger due to the combination of warm temperatures, very low humidity and stronger winds. More specifically, the National Weather Service criteria for a red flag warning are as follows: A sustained wind of 15 mph or greater on average.

Are there fires near Sunriver Oregon?

SUNRIVER, Ore. – A forest fire burning about two miles west of Sunriver has burned 200 acres and is about 80 percent contained as of Sunday, according to a report from Central Oregon Fire Information.

Where is the bootleg fire in Oregon?

The Bootleg Fire was the largest fire in the country and it burned more than 413,000 acres for 39 days. It ignited on July 6 in the Fremont-Winema National Forest, about 15 miles northwest of Beatty Oregon.

Who owns Willamette National Forest?

United States Forest Service Willamette National Forest Area 1,678,031 acres (6,790.75 km 2 ) Established July 1, 1933 Visitors 1,740,000 (in 2006) Governing body United States Forest Service.

What fire is threatening Sweet Home Oregon?

The Bruler Fire is estimated at 156 acres and is now 10 percent contained, officials said Monday. The wildfire was first reported on July 12 by a Forest Service lookout near the boundary between the Detroit and Sweet Home Ranger Districts. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Are Oregon forests closed?

The state forests remain open. Please visit the recreation list for updates on specific recreation sites. However, most of the forest is still closed due to wildfire and windstorm damage.

Can I have a fire pit in my backyard Bend Oregon?

Recreational fires, campfires and warming fires are legal but we ask you take extra precaution with these fires. These fires are allowed both inside and outside the city limits of Bend. They are typically allowed year round but can be closed if weather or hazard conditions occur such as extreme wildfire danger, etc.

What towns in Oregon have burned?

The cities of Phoenix, Talent, Detroit, and Gates in Oregon were substantially destroyed by the Almeda Drive and Santiam Fires respectively. State-wide, at least 7 people have been killed. In the Almeda Fire area — between Ashland, Talent, and Phoenix — more than 2,800 structures were destroyed.

Has Sisters Oregon been affected by the fires?

Firefighters have combated the wildfire about 10 miles northeast of Sisters with much success. As of Wednesday night, the Grandview Fire had burned 6,032 acres and was 95 percent contained. The remaining fire behavior appears to be minimal with smoldering and the fire is expected to be fully contained by Friday.

Where is the S-503 fire at in Oregon?

The S-503 Fire is located in timber and grasses on the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation and privately owned in-holdings protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry. This fire is being managed as a full suppression fire.

Why are the forest fires so bad in Oregon?

Sixteen large uncontained fires burned in Oregon and Washington state alone on Monday. Climate change is the catalyst for the worsening wildfire seasons in the West, Johnston said, but poor forest management and a policy of decades of fire suppression have made a bad situation even worse.

How big is the fire in Warm Springs Oregon?

The S-503 Fire has burned about 6,679 acres along the north end of the Warm Springs Reservation. It’s 95% contained as of Monday, June 28, according to Northwest Incident Management Team 8. There are no reports of injuries or structures burned.

How many active fires in Oregon right now?

Currently, no active large fires in Oregon and Washington.

Are there fires near Redmond Oregon?

According to Central Oregon Fire Info, the Grandview Fire was estimated to be 300 acres as of 5:30 p.m. and is burning in the Crooked River National Grassland and private land, southwest of Culver and northwest of Redmond.

What county is Bend Oregon?

Deschutes County.